Third Party Interference (TPI) Monitoring

Pipeline and energy corridors may be affected by deliberate or accidental interference from third parties, such as excavation, construction, and agricultural activities. To mitigate potential impacts on corridor assets, surveillance is conducted using a variety of methods such as human observations via ground and aerial surveys. However, this can be done more efficiently, more reliable and more sustainable through satellite-based monitoring.

Demonstration data

Orbital Eye's demonstration product shows Third Party Interferences (TPIs) that have been detected close to a demo pipeline in the Delft-The Hague area. The TPIs were detected by Orbital Eye's CoSMiC-EYE technology. This technology entails the comparison of multiple Sentinel-1 radar images, to check if anything has changed in the pipeline corridor as changes in the pipeline corridor could potentially be an activity that poses a threat to the pipeline. Several classical filters and AI-based filters are applied to filter out irrelevant changes, to ensure that only relevant activities are demonstrated on the CAMEO platform.

The red markers indicate activities that have been classified as a 'Threat'. The grey markers indicate activities that have been classified as 'No_Threat', whereas the orange markers indicate activities that still need to be classified. In the metadata, the 'interference type' can be found for the activities that have been classified.

When deploying TPI monitoring in full service to customers, Orbital Eye also provides high-resolution optical imagery, so customers can check in this high-res imagery what happened exactly at the location of the reported TPI. For this demonstration product, high-resolution is not (yet) available.

In the description box of the dataset, an example of a Satellite Surveillance Report (SSR) can be found. This report provides an overview of all the activities that can be found on the platform, along with the classifications. Normally, Orbital Eye provides these reports on a fixed basis to its customers.

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Third Party Interference (TPI) Monitoring

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