How It Works

Connect to a Service Provider

Within the CAMEO project consortium a variety of services are offered. Depending on the threats that are posed to your energy grid, you can connect to the right service provider.

Whether you want to assess the condition of vegetation, receive information about Third Party Interferences, or want to check the ground subsidence in the energy grid corridor, multiple services are offered within CAMEO.

Check out demonstration data sets for the different services on the CAMEO platform or read more about the offered services on this page. Interested to learn more? Contact us and we’ll connect you to the right service provider


Receive Satellite-Derived Information

Together with the service provider, specific needs and challenges can be discussed and the service provider will inform you how the monitoring service can be set up.

Information derived from satellite-data will be used to monitor your energy grid, to prevent any leakages or outages.

Get notified of potential hazards

Once the monitoring service is up and running, you will be informed about potential hazards to your energy grid corridor.

You can get alerts for example when there is too much vegetation in the corridor, or when an excavator is detected close to the pipeline. This will enable you to keep a close eye on your grid, all from behind your desk.

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